Фанни Забони англисӣ

Намунаи Recommendation Letter

Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Tajikistan

Tajik State Institute of Languages

named after Sotim Ulugzoda

I’ve known Tabarova Shahnoza since 2014 as student of the Department Romanic-Germanic Languages and Translation of Romano-Germanic faculty

Shahnoza is one of the intelligent and active student . She actively participated in all student activities and meetings. I should note her constant striving for student due to which she always shared good profound of her English knowledge. She is very active in English, sociology, history and especially in languages. She is rather innovative in her study and always tries to get to the very essence of every matter.

Her speeches at scientific conferences and various seminars held at the Institute were usually at great success. Whatever the issue she would have had some fresh original ideas. She is quick to pick up new ideas and complement them with her own particular style.

Shahnoza always displayed that rare quality of showing considerable initiative and can find alternative solutions and problems and obstacles when they present themselves.

The Dean of the faculty

Fathulloev . _______________________

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